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This Feeling Inside - Aryana Nemati
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A track from my debut album The Sax in I

What's Next - Aryana Nemati
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Another track from The Sax in I

Nameless - Aryana Nemati
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Natalie Bates Quartet Live at the Green Lady Lounge

Ojos de Pasion - Miguel Mambo DeLeon
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Miguel Mambo Orchestra recorded at Markosa Studio


    Kansas City native Aryana Nemati has a true passion for music.  She has been playing the saxophone for the past 13 years in addition to flute and clarinet.  As she became more involved with music, she began studying with local baritone saxophonist/composer, Kerry Strayer.

    Aryana continued to pursue her musical aspirations at UMKC’s conservatory.  She received her bachelor’s degree in Jazz Performance/Studio Music in the winter of 2014.  Here she has studied with Tim Timmons, Zach Shemon, Dan Thomas, and Bobby Watson.  She performed with both jazz and classical ensembles at the conservatory.  In the spring of 2017, Nemati completed her teaching assistantship and received a master’s degree in Jazz Performance and Pedagogy from the University of Missouri-Columbia.

    Today Nemati performs regularly with bands of various genres such as reggae, ska, jazz, salsa, motown, and funk.  She has performed at a number of music festivals including Walkarusa in Mulberry, Arkansas, SXSW in Austin, Texas, Boulavardia and the Middle of the Map Music Festival at home in Kansas City.  Nemati has recorded with many local artists.  She enjoys exploring all styles of music and understanding where each comes from. She has had the honor of playing with the following: Harry Connick Jr., Bobby Watson, Mindi Abair, The Four Tops, Sister Carol, Reeko Lion, Naggo Morris, Harold ‘Spike’ Bonhart, and Ernie Andrews. 

    Still relatively young herself, Nemati encourages developing musicians to explore the art form.  She currently teaches out of her own personal studio, at UMKC, as well as the Tune Shop in Leavenworth, KS.  Nemati provides assistance to her former middle and high school band programs ensembles and individual students.  When she isn’t performing, Nemati enjoys writing her own compositions, playing pool, and spending time outdoors.  She hopes to spread the wonders of music to many in the vibrant scene of Kansas City and beyond.



4.17.2020 - FB LIVE Quarantined Beer Chug - Sax Trax - 7-8pm

All other dates are on hold until further notice because of our current national situation. Please check back for updates and I hope to see you all soon!!!



    Natalie Bates Quartet at    

    the Green Lady Lounge     

                  Live  at                        

Lee's Summit Reggae Festival    

            Harry and I after the show          

  Sitting in with Sly and Robbie!  


Deepa Reality Live @ Lee's Summit Reggae Fest

Classic Reggae Tune "I'm Still in Love" Version Produced by Aryana Nemati           



I am available for private lessons in the area of saxophone, flute, clarinet, general music theory and jazz theory.  Sectional work and ensemble coaching are applicable as well.

I am also available for studio work, gigs, and any of your musical needs.


For more information, please contact.  I would love to share my knowledge with you!

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